US Online Sales To Hit $1 Trillion Next Year

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US Online Sales To Hit $1 Trillion Next Year

It will not come as a surprise that COVID-19 gave a huge boost to U.S. online shopping, with sales up by $183 billion from March 2020 to February 2021 to a total of $844 billion.

The big news, however, is that a new report by Adobe’s e-commerce division sees online sales growth continuing so fast that they will reach $1 trillion by 2022.

Online sales have been growing strongly for more than a decade, but the pandemic speeded this up, with many industries now seeing e-commerce figures well ahead of where growth was forecast.

With many countries instituting lockdowns, many retailers seen as nonessential had to close their doors, leaving consumers only with the option of online orders.

The diamond, gemstone and jewelry industries have seen a similar effect with many purchases now taking place online. New technology enables buyers and sellers to show their goods online using high-quality photography.

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