Gemology course provides students with a broad, thorough when it comes to sorting and evaluation of diamonds. Students receive extensive theoretical knowledge and practical part touch, allowing them to sort and evaluate diamonds accurately, quickly and professionally.

Sorting is done according to four criteria generally accepted in the international diamond, established by the Gemological Institute of America - GIA and are known by name, The 4 C's namely: weight carat diamond - Carat Weight cleanliness - Clarity Color - Color Work - Cut.

The course takes place in a classroom New and Spacious grounds diamond exchange in Ramat Gan.

Class tuition is equipped with advanced equipment and the most innovative.

This equipment includes: Weight gemological microscopes, day light fluorescent lamps, fluorescent devices, computers, micrometers, equipment for identifying different treatments diamond, diamond substitutes identification equipment, 120 diamonds and more

Content of Course

  1.  Diamond - Introduction and General Background
  2.  Round diamond parts
  3.  Diamond Weight
  4.  Diamond Clarity
  5.  Color Diamond
  6.  Work - proportions
  7.  Finish - surface symmetry Hrondist +
  8.  Growth + shoe lines
  9.  Fluorescent
  10.  Reading and analysis of gemological certificate to perfection
  11.  The methods of diagnosis of defects in internal, external and dirt
  12.  Diamond Fantasy - practical + 13 theoretical filling Gltzim diamond treatment
  13.  Special colors - natural + staining process artificially diamonds
  14.  Treatment HP - HT
  15.  Knowing diamond substitutes Rapaport Price List
  16.  The diamond trade practices
  17.  Final test

Target Group

Diamond traders Diamond experts, appraisers, graders Jewellers, designers Sales managers, owners, buyers and job seekers in the diamond sector Diamond and jewellery-lovers

Terms of receiving certificate

Knowledge of extended and theoretically also professional and practical experience in testing diamonds focusing on various types of treatments stones and fancy color diamonds . Especially suitable for diamond merchants begin , gemologists who want to work in the lab and brokers.

Course Hours

Twice a week from 9:00 to 14:00 for a month and a half or Once a week from 15:00 to 19:00 for 3 months.

Registration for the course is subject to the regulations
Language Location Price Coruse ID Note
Hebrew Ramat Gan 7,500.00 ₪ GDG00002 Morning gemology course Register
Hebrew Ramat Gan 7,500.00 ₪ GDG00001 Morning gemology course Register
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