It is our common goal to make your business a success. A franchise relationship could be described as a business marriage in which both companies work in close collaboration but at the same time legally and financially independent. The franchisee has full access to IGL’s comprehensive business platform – brand, laboratory and operational framework – according to which he/she must operate. If you have business expertise, if you love to sell and if you believe in offering the best possible customer service, an IGL franchise could be for you! IGL is continuously recruiting new franchisees to expand our business network around the world. There are franchising opportunities in many markets and we welcome interest from those with and without experience in the gems and jewelry industry.

IGL was established based on a simple idea to provide people around the world confidence when they purchase high-quality gems and jewelry. IGL’s international chain of gemological labs delivers the highest level of professional gemological services and certificates for diamonds, colored gems and jewelry across the world. Today, IGL has developed into one of the world’s leading gemological grading laboratories, present in five countries across three continents, trusted by global diamond manufacturers, jewelry retailers and consumers. The IGL name is synonymous with high-quality. Customers look at an IGL branded grading certification as a ‘stamp’ of high-quality gemstone and assurance. We do it through our cutting-edge, rigorous grading system and standards, and with the help of our dedicated franchisees and partners who have been loyal ambassadors and helped to build our brand around the world. Our industry-leading IGL Academy is an invaluable source of continuous innovation and new talent.

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