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This IGL API for get data for Certificate

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This IGL API for get data certificates

The IGL Platform connects your website or application with the data certificates IGL. Using data could provide additional services to your customers

Here are some resources that will help you understand the basics of all our APIs. If you haven’t already. learn more about how we do authentication and authorization.

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200 OK
205 Certificate not valid. There certificates starting in 2014
400 Invalid Email address or Password
406 Unauthorized


Start Here

Start HereAfter setting a username and password, you must write the relevant code turns IGL with keys to the relevant API. The type of content (Content-Type) We work with JSON format is.

You can write code in any language you choose while maintaining the required data structure and the face using only standard HTTP request (GET or POST depending on the API).
All that's left to do is create an array of IGL certificate number and send to IGL API and get back the data.
Login to API and receive data
To receive information via the API You should make sure you have a username and password.
A general description of the process of getting data
The data structure that describes the type of document and details to be sent to IGL JSON format and method POST. After a request is made, the system checks and verifies the integrity of the application and data. Then, at the request properly, you receive from us the right answer. If the application does not properly receive an error code (error codes are listed in the document).
How to get started?
Please send your user name and password through authentication
And a parameter:
that contains the desired certificate number.
Example to get array from IGL API: Click Here

Example to array for send IGL API:
    [number] => D123456IL7

Example to array get from IGL API:
    [Type] => Diamond
    [Report] => D123456IL7
    [Date] => January 03, 2015
    [data] =>  Object
            [shape] => Round Brilliant
            [measurements] => 4.58 - 4.68 x 3.05
            [weight] => 0.42
            [natural] => true
            [fluorescence] => None
            [color] => F
            [clarity] => VS2
            [cut] => Very Good
            [polish] => Excellent
            [symmetry] => Very Good

    [comments] => Object
            [comments] => "IDEAL CUT" - The quality of the cut of this diamond achieves the optimal dispersion of light and brilliance.


    [diagram] => Object
            [Girdle] => 6.0
            [Table] => 60.0
            [Crown] => 16.0
            [Pavilion] => 43.5
            [Depth] => 66.1

    [image] => Object
            [image] => http://www.igl-data.us/imagel/D123456IL7
            [video_embed] => http://www.igl-data.us/embed_diamond/D123456IL7

    [links] => Object
            [url_pdf] =>
            [url_image] =>
            [url_site] => http://certificates.igl-labs.com/?c=RDgyMjg1MzM5SUx8fG5kYnx8ZA==